Lake Spanaway is proud to be apart of Pierce County Golf and the Chambers Bay Golf Academy. 
Our goal is to serve you through carefully designed programs that cater to golfers of all ages and abilities.
Whether you are a top player or just getting started, let us find the champion golfer in you.

                         Fall Lesson Specials!

                         INDIVIDUAL LESSONS

ADULT                                                                             JUNIORS
Individual ½ Hour.............$45                                          Individual ½ Hour............$30
Individual 45 Minute........$60                                          Individual 45 Minute........$40
Individual 1 Hour..............$75                                          Individual 1 Hours...........$50
Series of 4 – ½ Hour.........$150   ($35 per)                      Series of 4 - 45 Hour.........$135                   
Series of 4 – 45 Minute....$180                                         9 Hole Play Lesson..........$150 
9 Hole Play Lesson...........$150                                         



PGA COACHING CLUB                                                 PLAY W/ THE PRO
Price: $100                                                                          Price: $45
Time: 11am - 12pm                                                             Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
When: Saturday's & Sunday's                                             When: 2nd & Last Wednesday   
Includes:                                                                                 Includes:
- 1 Sleeve of Callaway Balls                                                  - Warm Up Bucket 
- Twilight Rate                                                                        -  Golf Cart
- Unlimited Range Use on lesson days                               -  On Course Lessons

THURSDAY JUNIOR CAMP                                            GET GOLF READY
Price: $100                                                                             Price: $100
Time: 4pm - 5pm                                                                   Time: 4pm - 5pm  OR  6pm - 7pm
When: Thursday's (6 weeks)                                                 When: Friday's (6 weeks)
Includes:                                                                                   Includes: 
- Fun & Safe Environment                                                    - Warm Up Bucket
- Lots of Range Balls                                                              - Lots of Range Balls
- Place to Meet New Friends                                                 - Place to Meet New Friends 
- Prizes                                                                                     - Easy to Understand Instruction


Lake Spanaway Instructor


Matt Montecucco
PGA Head Golf Professional

“There is nothing greater than seeing the joy and      excitement of a student hitting a shot and knowing that they can do it”

I don't want you to swing like the golfers on TV because we all have different body types and abilities. Let's build a relationship and a gameplan with your golf game because golf can be endlessly complicated.

I like to break the game down into big picture components so it is easy to grasp and implement it and BREAK YOUR GOALS!

Questions? Please contact Matt Montecucco at or call the Lake Spanaway Golf Shop at (253) 531-3660.